Usually treatment is relaxing and rarely painful, though as the body adapts to the changes we make, you may feel stiff and sore for a few days afterwards. As a rough guide, 3-6 weekly treatments should be sufficient for a recent uncomplicated injury. For on-going problems, 3-6 treatments should see a reduction in symptoms, which could then be managed with regular maintenance.

Your first visit will normally last about an hour. A thorough case history will be taken to better understand you and the cause of your problem. A full health screen will be undertaken to determine your current state of health. If anything untoward is uncovered then a visit to your GP may be advised. If all is well then you will be asked to dress down to your underwear or whatever you feel is appropriate. A standing exam is performed, any special tests undertaken and a discussion of your problem and diagnosis will be discussed. Treatment will go ahead after that. Informed consent is an important are to cover so time will be spent discussing treatment options and gaining your written consent.