Where Health Matters

Where health matters

Here at Osteopathy in Kelso health matters, so no matter what your story is, I’m here to guide and offer assistance where necessary. Over and above Osteopathy I also offer kinesiotaping and dry needling techniques to optimise your chance of success.

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The clinic can be found at 11 Bridge Street, Kelso, TD5 7HT

Dry Needling

An adjuct to Osteopathy, dry needling can be used to treat myofascial trigger points. Fast and effective.

Kinesiotaping for added benefit

Kinesiotaping can be used as an adjunct to Osteopathy or on its own to help injured tissues or to aid posture.

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Why Osteopathy, why now?

So, why do people look to Osteopaths for help? Simply put, they are not getting answers elsewhere. Does this resonate with you? Are you still taking painkillers? Have you stopped enjoying life to the full or nervous about the holiday around the corner because you are in pain? Osteopathy can help you rediscover your love of life. I am here to offer my expert guidance and knowledge to enable you to get on with life.

In the COVID-19 era

Owing to the unprecedented times we are in, the clinic has had to make a few changes to make sure that everyone remains safe during COVID-19 Pandemic. Following the General Osteopathic Council, the Institute of Osteopathy and NHS guidelines the...


There are several reasons for headaches. Most are not serious and once the cause is established headaches can often be helped by simple changes in lifestyle. One cause can be tension or strain in the muscles and joints of the neck and upper back. Treatment...

Foot and ankle pain

Pain can occur in the foot and ankles for a number of reasons. The foot and ankle is made up of a number of small bones interconnected by ligaments, muscles and fascia all working together to give the strength, stability and flexibility the foot and ankle needs to...

If you need any more reason to make that appointment today, please take a moment to read some of the lovely reviews patients have written about Osteopathy in Kelso…
Had my first treatment today and I’m amazed at the result. I’ve had a lower back problem for a while and had became so used to it I didn’t realise how it was affecting my mobility. So after this initial treatment I feel like I’m standing straighter and have much more freedom of movement on my left side. Really appreciate what you have done for me and looking forward to next appointment. JP

Helen jean has treated my acute back and neck problems over the years and now I mainly require maintenance treatments. She is a skilled practitioner who ensures she keeps up with latest knowledge and techniques. Added bonus of a lovely personality but professional at all times. I have moved away from area but do not hesitate to get to her for any treatment necessary. JS